Visual representation of the school values and vision for Lindfield Learning Village - May 2020


A visual representation of your story
Ideal for: school plans, values and missions

If you want to bring your strategies, models and journeys to life, I can illustrate it for you too. After an initial consultation, I will synthesise your key messages from any documents, videos and plans (or other forms of content) then custom hand draw it digitally. This is a great way to share your story in an engaging and meaningful manner ultimately leading to a call to action from your learning community.


Learn more about my previous work or ask for a free quote.

Illustration for Dareton Public School 2018-2020 School Plan - March 2020

Illustration for Bite Size Learning

A professional learning initiative created by

the Pittwater, Forest and Beaches network  

Illustration for the NE14 program

A professional learning network across

the Pittwater, Forest and Beaches directorate

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